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Some Basics About Blu-Ray Technology

Blu-Ray is the newest wave in movie viewing technology. All discs operate using laser light as most people know. A standard DVD disc reads and writes its data using red light at 650 nanometers and a CD uses the same type of light at 780 nanometers. For their time, CDs and DVDs were a fantastic way to compress large amounts of information into a small, easy to use package.

  • 9 Jul 2017

Some Fun Trivia About Animal "Celebrities"

Everyone loves to hear tidbits of trivia from time to time! Learning facts that may or may not be useful (but with which we are fascinated despite ourselves) helps to give us a little shot in the arm to break up our daily routine.

  • 5 Jul 2017

Outdoor Movies and the Resurrection of the Drive-In

The death of the drive-in was inevitable. Some may blame it on the land prices going up for those huge parking lots over the years, or simply T.V. viewing taking away that old tradition. Maybe it's a combination of both, but still we still feel the charm going to see cinema outside. There's a magic there that can't be replaced, that I think Americans recognize best.

  • 15 Jul 2017
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  •   4 Jul 2017   Posted By Luke R.   15 Favs   0 Comments

    Get Nearly Any Movie You Want On Satellite

    Renting movies used to be kind of a hassle. You have to go to the store and try and get everyone to agree on which movie to rent before getting to actually watch the movie. Then, when you are finished you have to make sure you get the movies back on time to avoid those dreadful late fees. Now there are easier ways for you to get your movies, right from home.

  •   27 Jul 2017   Posted By Ernie N.   87 Favs   0 Comments

    How To Appreciate The Old Classics In A Brand New Way

    Tired of working hard to find a good movie for a relaxing night only to find out that you picked a real dud with overpaid actors and underdeveloped plots? The next time you set aside an evening with blanket, a friend, and a movie, consider watching one of the antiquated classics instead of the over-hyped new films.

  •   15 Jul 2017   Posted By Tamara Q.   7 Favs   0 Comments

    How To Easily Duplicate Your Own DVDs At Home

    Recording DVDs at home may seem confusing and you may feel a bit overwhelmed, but it is actually fairly simple. Recording is not as difficult as many people believe. You do not need special technical abilities to make your own movies. The only difference between duplicating a cassette tape or VHS and duplicating a DVD is the disc. For the most part, the process is the same.

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1 Aug 2017
Posted By Sylvester B.

Film Studies - A Relatively New Academic Discipline

Film Studies is an academic discipline focused on the critical appreciation of cinema as an art form as well as its role in, and impact on, culture and society. Some cinema theorists argue that its primary purpose is to understand how best to look at films and understand their meaning. The discipline forms part of the larger subject areas of media studies and cultural studies.
28 Jun 2017
Posted By Lora M.

How Popular Are Martial Arts Movies

Two thousand years ago in East Asia this popular style of fighting was created and now lives on in many martial arts movies. Since then there are over 200 different types of fighting styles with a little of 100 being taught worldwide. This fighting style has gained popularity drastically over time as a result of its continued use in the movie industry.
28 Jun 2017
Posted By Owen B.

Use your desktop PC to make the most of high definition films

If you own a desktop PC at home it is likely that you will mainly use it for occasional work tasks, surfing the net, checking emails, Skyping friends and family, playing computer games and watching films. Manufacturers build their consumer PCs to cater to these needs and you will find that most desktop PCs will be built with suitable graphics cards and sufficient memory for you to enjoy these things.
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13 Jul 2017
Posted By Jill H.

Some Of The Most Popular Horror Movies

People love to be scared, yet in control. We ride roller coasters and participate in extreme sports in an effort to get our adrenaline pumping and our hearts racing. With that being said, one of the most popular, and safest, forms of experiencing thrills and chills comes in the form of watching horror movies. For horror fans, a quick introduction to the classics of the genre is in order.The movie industry is a huge, thriving beast providing us with countless hours of entertainment.
16 Jul 2017
Posted By Chelsea R.

Valentine's Day Alone for Single Young Women

Some people do not like being alone on St. Valentine's Day. Younger women in particular consider that being alone on St. Valentine's Day carries a stigma, which makes them feel depressed and lonely. But just because someone is not in a relationship, it does not mean they cannot have a good time. I will give a couple of suggestions below to help you have a time to remember.1] Call up all your single girlfriends and go dancing.
12 Jul 2017
Posted By Delbert T.

Home Movie Theater Lighting

Light fittings are things that not many of us think about very often. However, the lighting in a room can make us feel a certain mood or enhance the atmosphere we want to create in that room. There are many types of light fixtures, fittings, bulbs, shades and stands to suit all areas of the home. That means both indoors and even outdoors where you might want to emphasize some special landscape feature.
13 Jul 2017

The Hitman's Bodyguard Red Band Trailer #1 (2017) Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson Action Movie HD

The Hitman's Bodyguard Red Band Trailer 1 (2017) Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson Action Movie HD [Official Trailer]

14 Jul 2017


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6 Jul 2017

DESCENDANTS 2 Trailer (2017) Kids, Disney New Movie HD

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