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27 Jul 2017

How To Appreciate The Old Classics In A Brand New Way


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Posted By Ernie N.

Tired of working hard to find a good movie for a relaxing night only to find out that you picked a real dud with overpaid actors and underdeveloped plots? The next time you set aside an evening with blanket, a friend, and a movie, consider watching one of the antiquated classics instead of the over-hyped new films. If you think about it, choosing a classic only makes sense: it's stood the test of time. True classics will entertain you as much today as they did movie goers 20 years ago. When considering a classic, utilize the following tips:

1. Seek an expert's recommendation. A trip to the bookstore can make all the difference in choosing a good old film. Movie guides like Roger Ebert's movie guide or The Video Hound Guide to Movies will get you started. Film critics have compiled these movie almanacs, and they often update them yearly. Not only do they provide you with a reliable resource but an entertaining one as well.

2. Consider classics you may have unintentionally missed. We can all relate to this picture: you are visiting with friends, and a classic movie title comes up in the conversation. When you confess that you've never seen the film, eyebrows raise and lips purse, and you feel foolish. Make a note of those movies, and then watch them on your next movie night. Next time you won't be left out of the conversation.

3. Go genre diving. Genre refers simply to a category, in this case, a category of film. Maybe you prefer mysteries or westerns or romances. In any case, you'll most likely be able to find a classic film that fits into your category preference. And most like you have been missing out by not seeing that particular film.

4. Search for the newest edition. Once you have your movie title chosen, find the best copy available. Nothing will ruin a good old movie like scratchy sound and fuzzy video quality. Finding the most up-to-date version of a classic will help you avoid these problems. Many times classic DVD's will also have extras about the actors and the film making itself that make them even more enjoyable.

5. Find someone who appreciates your film and watch it with them. You will enjoy your film even more if you can find someone else who both enjoys it and with whom you can discuss the film when it's over. This movie might even serve as a touchstone between you and your fellow viewer.

6. Find and then choose actors you appreciate. If you still can't figure out what to watch, choose a movie with an actor that you enjoy. Maybe you've never seen a Doris Day film but have seen enough clips of her to think she might make you laugh. Regardless of the circumstances, movies with class movie stars genuinely provide you with some fantastic entertainment.


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