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12 Jul 2017

Home Movie Theater Lighting


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Posted By Delbert T.

Light fittings are things that not many of us think about very often. However, the lighting in a room can make us feel a certain mood or enhance the atmosphere we want to create in that room. There are many types of light fixtures, fittings, bulbs, shades and stands to suit all areas of the home. That means both indoors and even outdoors where you might want to emphasize some special landscape feature.

Are you planning to redo a room? In this case, I know it concerns a home movie theater room, because my friend, Owen Jones, asked me to give some advice. I definitely think that you should consider light fixtures as one element to change. For example, you could start by abandoning the central, overhead incandescent bulb or tube light for sure.

I would suggest installing four or even six small wall-lights. These are not expensive and come in hundreds of colours and sizes to suit any pocket. The only drawback with wall lighting for your home theater, is that the wires should really be chased into the wall so as not to appear unsightly.

But, you could avoid this by buying standard lamps. These are also available in a thousands of designs, but they come with two disadvantages: namely trailing wires and a higher cost. They are very easily moveable though. Small, table lamps is a sub-class of this alternative, but you may need more electrical points.

Once you have decided on what you want, have each lamp dimmable either in unison or separately, up to you. You should probably keep one fairly powerful light at the business end of things in case the equipment needs seeing to, but it too could be on a dimmer.

The effect can be really stunning. And all from just changing the existing light fixtures and fittings. You could even go the whole hog and have an exit sign over the door or a few speciality lamps higher up out of line of sight, so that they are not distracting " say, an old 1970s style lunar lamp and a fibre-optic lamp, for amusement or as a talking point while waiting for the film or snacks to be got ready.

So, whatever style home theater lighting you are thinking of, contemporary or old style traditional, you will find dozens of options to choose from. From different colors to different sizes and styles, there are many. You can find them online or in home improvement stores. I have made a link to one of my online favourites below.

Furthermore, when you do implement the changes, you will notice that your home theater has taken on an ambiance all of its own and it will "definitely" enhance your home movie theater experience. In fact, it may be these subtle changes, room by room, that make you see your home in a very different light.


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